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Friday, December 31, 2010

According to Livni many Arab Araptan Turkey

Israel's Mossad spy leader of the opposition, the massacre does not see his own state, puts Turkey in response to the persecution of Palestinian Palestinian people, but criticizes the Arabian Arap'tan more! Turkey, he warned, choose your side.

Israeli Mossad agent known to be the opposition leader, former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, in Tel Aviv 2011, entering an exclusive interview in his office said AHT'den Original Sözbilir'e arrogance pushes the boundaries of words has created confusion.

The center of the liberal view, 28 seats in Israel's Kadima Party leader Tzipi Livni with a seat Parliament in the most 52 years old and the Israeli-Palestinian question "a two-state solution" ü argues. Former soldier and lawyer, had worked for the Mossad, Livni. Livni said Sözbilir'in questions answered:


2006 "Relations perfect," said. Why do you think has deteriorated rapidly?
All countries need to decide where it will stop. This is not just a case of Israel or Turkey. About the situation between Israel and the Palestinians think that is a misunderstanding. When we look at the authority of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as the accept. But on the other side there is the Hamas. Hamas rejects Israel's right to exist with extreme religious ideology and no hope of peace. Support of Hamas, Palestine is not a support. Support of Hamas, a terrorist organization aimed at supporting women and children in Israel say. After the elections in Turkey and Russia, has invited Hamas. I said there is a problem.


Meşal'ın political leader of Hamas visit to Turkey in 2006 was the beginning of the crisis?
Could be seen. But I can not say that the crisis started, those days have already discussed this. I think the description of those who visit, the operation of ships or not the event. We put the name of understanding the situation may change. The Turkish government, stronger military operations against Hamas and that Hamas understands the weakness of Palestine can work together. Among the Palestinians is a "zero-sum game" (a party's loss of earnings up to the other, the only kazananlı game) need to understand that. In the past, Prime Minister Erdogan had talks. Was also hard because of differences of opinion from time to time. But the two sides do not want peace with Israel and had a view of the terrorists should gayrimeşrulaştırılması Hamas'tı implied here.

She knew everybody''U.S.''

Blood, with operations beginning in the direction of the crisis in Gaza.
Regional interests of the Israelis and Palestinians to make peace. Operation in Gaza against Hamas, the peace process aimed at reducing the power and effectiveness. Palestinian civilians killed during this operation correctly, and that regret. I am sure that other countries in the region no doubt that the Palestinian cause have always etmiyordur. You can take the example of other Arab countries, Turkey. The whole world knew the reasons for the Gaza Strip operation. Operation with Egypt, Jordan or other countries of the world affect our relationship. In fact, even affect the relationship between Israel and the legitimate Palestinian government. Mahmoud Abbas, and others think he understands it. So why Turkey Palestinian Palestinian people, should be Arap'tan people do not understand Arabic.

Secs camp''TURKEY''

You say Turkey must choose sides. "Zero problems" policy denies this choice ...
Israeli-Syrian peace, I know you want to contribute to the Israeli-Palestinian peace. Region has been divided into two camps and have to decide where duracağınıza. Our so pragmatiklerin, moderates the camp of Israel, the legitimate government of Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, the Gulf countries have. They are Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah does not serve the interests of peace in the region understand. At the same time can not be more than two sides. Iran is trying to wake the region. I can not see the reason for Turkey to be part of it. Erdogan defended the peace I know. So with us, against Hamas, Hezbollah, along with the whole region stand against Iran. Hezbollah, like Hamas and Iran, countries such as organizations for as long as the region is impossible to have zero problems.

SOLDIERS are waiting to see what I THOUGHT''''

Was it preventable death in the Blue Sea of Marmara?
Though the opposition leader in Israel, the day of the event, that we regret the loss, not among the values of non-killing, but said soldiers should defend itself. Israeli aid had proposed to spend the Gaza strip, so this is not an attempt to help provokasyondu. Tried to stop, but wanted to continue. This is an unfortunate situation. Activists soldiers beating, terrible pictures taken by the stairs before they even see them clearly, "you expect?" He thought. I can assure you that the intentions of the ship when they descended on Gaza entry only the ship and to prevent loss of life. But such things can happen. I hope this incident will not affect the future of relations Türkiyeİsrail. The need to protect our troops and international courts prevent possible accusations made. I think this is a legitimate expectation that the Israeli government. I think the Turkish government could overcome it. Is done them a few years ago, "perfect," he can get back where we define.

Do you have a New Year's wish for Turkey and Israel?
I hope the beginning of a new year is the beginning of peace in the region. Turkey and wish we had good relations with Israel as it used to be.

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