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Friday, December 31, 2010

8 people in custody in Istanbul, overriding a false document

Istanbul, fake diplomas, identification and driver's license eight people were detained in the alleged presses.

According to information received, a notice of evaluating the Istanbul Directorate of Financial Crime Branch teams, captured and sent to prison and released in an operation last year, the Ö.Ş 't got to watch again. After about 2 months of follow-up technical and physical Ö.Ş 's, together with other people accompanying fake diplomas, identification, driver's license and printing of documents by a variety of prices ranging from £ 500 to 2 thousand were satıklarını.

Then Robert, Bayrampasa, Eyup, the team addresses the operation and Gaziosmanpaşa regulating the police, Ö.Ş of the eight people detained, including one woman.

Calls made from home and work places of these people, 18 pieces of different institutional seal, stamp, numbering, 51, and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, General Directorate of Security labeled the hologram, 640 pieces of blank certificate of motor vehicle traffic, 600 pieces of vehicle certificate of the Ministry of Transportation, 247 pieces of blank fake ID cards, 144 pieces of blank driver's license, commercial vehicles use a blank document of 120, 40 traffic insurance stamp, edition of 52 pieces has been completed and part of psycho-assessment certificate, driver's psycho certificate of 30 pieces, 120 pieces for a total of 54 university free fake diplomas, insurance policies, course completion certificates, master documents, including the identity of doctors, including identification cards belonging to various professions, paper cutting machines, computers and printers were seized.

Had put the suspects brought to branch operations.

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