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Friday, December 31, 2010

2 traffic accidents in the city, such as the massacre: eight dead

Adiyaman-Kahta highway, alcohol, excessive speed, caused by rain and road works 4 young lives lost in the accident. Spouses of Bitlis is located in the police car collided TIR'la. His wife, 4 police killed, 1 wounded.

Spouses of police officers of the Directorate of Security of Bitlis 5 4 police his wife died as a result of the collision of the car tırla, and one was severely injured.

According to the information received, five police officers of the Directorate of Security Tatvan town of Bitlis to the spouses of the 42 BSR 81 plate car, Bitlis-Tatvan Highway 15 Faik Dağtekin'in kilometers from the opposite direction collided tırla plate uses 27 N 7651.

In the police car entered does not match the bottom of the accident died at the scene and about 1 in 4 of his wives had also seriously injured.

The bodies of the spouses of police lost their lives in the accident were taken to Bitlis, the State Hospital. Police his wife seriously injured were being treated at the State Hospital, Bitlis.

Bitlis Governor Nurettin Yilmaz, Ihsan Province Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Yellow, Provincial Health Director Alexis Erkal, went to the State Hospital, Bitlis, received information about the accident.


According to information obtained, Tekirdağ military service to his country on a mission, and permission to enter the new year with his family from the 06 used by Tunç Serkan Adıyaman THIS coming from the direction of 033 20-plate car Kahta km in an accident late at night, confused. Rain fall and the drive to work to double the car's excessive speed and alcohol are added, the accident was inevitable. The disastrous accident in the car died at the scene of 4 people. By 2011, died in the accident occurred just hours before the new year saw 4 young.

Because of excessive speed, driver steering Kalburcu Bridge near the road out of the car as a result of loss of sovereignty, an additional bridge was hit by a heap of concrete. When you enter the front part of the shock effect of the car completely inward, until the front wheels sank into the seats. The front of the car resembles a cut of the vehicle was completely destroyed. Had not seen the warning signs indicating the driver due to excessive speed and rain, beer bottles were found inside the car.

Located in the prestigious Jack Teyfik Cars (17), Mehmet Bilgin (17), Aaron Alkan (19) and drive Serkan Bronze (20) died in the car returning from scrapping.

Gendarme to the scene after the accident, police, 112 medical teams and rescue workers came to the Provincial Directorate of Disaster Emergency. Instead of the relatives of those killed in the accident had a nervous breakdown.

Gendarmerie security measures at the scene, while rescue workers trapped inside the car pulled out the bodies of reagents and relievers. The body bag put the bodies, removed Kahta State Hospital morgue. Otopsilerinin deceased had then given to the owners.

Investigation into the accident are continuing.

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