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Friday, December 31, 2010

12 important steps to protect children abuse

Turkey, including hundreds of child pornography and child in the country began to experience increases in rates of serious harassment. Educators warn parents to avoid these increases in the need to take "steps bulunarak collected 12 titles.

A successful therapy of cases of abuse on children destructive attitude of the rescued over time, advocates of behavioral disorders that prevent the Expert Pedagogue Adam Sun, assesses child abuse as a disaster.

Adam Gomez, the child abuse has changed all of this change in the flow of life at sea took place in a different girl and men indicated that the identity crisis draws attention to the problem of the greatest men. Internal conflict caused by his abuse of the child, indicating that many male child sex götürebildiğini to change the sun, the girls in honor of a lifetime to think about the difference aşamadığını weaknesses, he says. According to the Sun, or even abuse of a child who lived with the family must also enter into the process of therapy required. Because the abuse is enormous compared to the destructiveness of any crime. Sun warns parents about it to them, these recommendations are:


- Female and male siblings in the same bed room yatırılmamalıdır

-All from the front of the child, but certain people götürmeli toilet

-Toilet door must be closed

-Parents should be very careful nudity

- Peer-to each other should not do jokes with sexual content.

-Sons on the lips never öpmemeli

Great need to modify the top-middle

- Others of your child's body, undergarments must not be

-The parents of the child soyunmamalıdır next.

Wash their genital areas while taking a bath-Çocukalar

You should request permission when entering the Chamber of kids certainly stolen-door

Besides the parents of the child-sex yaşamamalı

JUSTICE not implemented fully

Following the change in the Turkish Penal Code, victims of sexual crimes are sent to the Forensic Medical Authority regarding the determination of whether their mental health deteriorated as a result of action by the State Supervisory Authority according to the report published in the law in some ambiguous situations were evaluated. According to the report:

The provision of the Act in relation to victims of sexual crime, the concerned state of physical or mental health impairment status was regarded as qualified. However, as of the current situation of mental health deterioration of people what the phrase meant, and declared an opinion on how to implement them.

Continuation of the existing case law grows, slightly heavier than the punishment of qualified cezların actions or anyone with the same qualifications, other than the emergence of outcomes such as less probable given the criminal and justice is seen to experience problems at the facility fully evaluated.

This kind of cases very prolonged process and the victim at this time to stay in the case of persons to be examined multiple times, the people who wear and tear can cause even more spiritual ways.

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